The News.

Lee's army is variously reported at from 96,000 to 150,000 men. It is rumored that he has been joined by Bragg. The information is derived from rebel sources that his force has been divided into three corps, two of which are marching upon Wheeling and Pittsburg, and the third in the direction of Harrisburg or Baltimore. Richmond has been abandoned temporarily. The rebels occupy Chambersburg, Greencastle, and Littlestown, Pa., and are reported at New Market, in the same state. It is considered probable that a battle will be fought in Maryland, possibly on the field of Antietam. Hooker was at Fairfax Court House yesterday morning. The federals have evacuated Harper's Ferry, but hold Maryland Heights. A movement is on foot to secure the appointment of Gen. McClellan to the command of the forces for the defense of Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Affairs at Vicksburg have undergone no important change; but, the siege works having been pushed up closely, a speedy collision was considered imminent. Rebels had made their appearance within four miles of Haines' Bluff. Twenty-five thousand rebels were massing in Gen. Grant's rear, but no general attack from Johnston was expected for some days. A town on the Atchafalaya has been destroyed by federal gunboats.

Another of the Canadian line of steamers has been lost — the Norwegian. The passengers, crew, mails, and baggage were saved.

The abolition state convention, at Columbus, Ohio, on Wednesday, made the following nominations:

For governor, John Brough; lieut. governor, Chas. Anderson; auditor of state, J. H. Goodman; Treasurer of State, G. Volney Dorsey, supreme judge, H. H. Hunter; board public works, J. M. Banere.

Vallandigham and Pugh will beat that ticket to the tune of twenty-five thousand in the Buckeye state.