Democrats of Sangamon.

Prepare for Next Tuesday!

The eighth day of November is upon you. Are you ready for the great contest at the ballot-box, which is to decide the fate of your country and your own liberties? Your enemies are active and unscrupulous. Watch them and work yourselves.


Be on your guard! Guard the ballot-box as you would defend your house-hold goods! Your property, your LIBERTIES, and your LIVES are at stake! Lincoln, who asks of the people a re-election, has already mortgaged your farms for one half their value, to prosecute a war to free the niggers and fatten shoddyites and contractors; and if re-elected he will, before another four years, make the national debt equal to the entire value of the real estate and personal property of the country! Hence, vote down Lincoln and


From the hammer of the tax-gatherer!

Your liberties are also at stake. Lincoln has usurped them! He claims the right and exercise it, to arrest and imprison every citizen, without warrant of law, and in palpable violation of the constitution and laws of the states and of the United States! He acknowledges no law, save the caprices of his officials and his own despotic will. Reader, he holds your liberty at his own back. He may arrest and imprison you, as long as he is president, and deny you a hearing, or even refuse to inform you of the charges against you, thus making himself as great a tyrant as was George the Third. Notwithstanding all this, he has the effrontery to ask a re-election at the hands of the people. Lovers of liberty, sons of revolutionary sires, we call upon you, in the name of every thing you hold dear, to


If you do not, farewell to white men's freedom! Farewell to your ancient liberties! Farewell to free government!!

But this is not all. Not satisfied with your property and your liberties, Lincoln demands your LIVES! If he is re-elected he will call for every able-bodied man in the north to go to war and sacrifice his life to free the negroes. Reader, do you value your life more than the freedom of a negro? Lincoln wants to sell your life to make negroes free? Will you elect him, and thus give him the power to do so? No, never! never!! never!!!

Awake then, to the magnitude of the contest! Every man to the polls!


And then see that your neighbor votes. Bring in the sick, the aged and infirm.


Don't let the abolitionists stuff it, or deposit an illegal vote therein. Keep your eyes on it until the ballots are counted! Let there be no rest until the polls are closed! Up, boys, and at 'em! Work! WATCH!! VOTE!!!


There is light in the east! The old Keystone state has gone democratic, and "as goes Pennsylvania, so goes the Union!" Democrats have gained 50,000 in one year in Ohio, and the abolitionists have carried Indiana only by the grossest frauds. Upon a fair vote of the people that state will give twenty thousand majority for McClellan and Pendleton! Connecticut and Delaware have both gone democratic, and New York, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Kentucky, California and Illinois are certain for McClellan. The votes of these and other democratic states renders certain the


Courage, then, democrats of Sangamon. We can elect our candidates. We must do it, or all is lost! Once more to the breach! Charge upon the foe! Remember, men of Illinois, that your property, your liberty, your lives, your all, is at stake! One united, powerful effort will save you! Awake, ARISE, OR BE FOREVER FALLEN!