Democrats Not Union Men.

Even the turpitude and mendacity of the republican press has rarely afforded a more glaring bit of monstrous falsehood, than that of the Illinois Journal of Saturday, headed, "Danger ahead to the loyal people." The gist of the whole is, that the democratic party has been and is disloyal; that the democratic party has been and is disloyal; that the republicans are your only loyalists, and that there is danger to the country from "the treason-stained democracy," even though that democracy "now turns about in favor of the Union!"

What think you of this, democrats of Illinois, hundreds of whose households are to-day filled with sorrow and mourning, in consequence of the maiming and killing of hundreds of your friends and relatives at Donelson!

A more dastardly effusion never emanated from a craven partisan heart. The democracy now for the Union! Save the mark! Did Logan lead no democrats into the jaws of death? Did he lead a score of a dozen of republicans? The same of Lawler; the same of Haynie and of Reardon; to great extent the same of Morrison, and of Marsh, and other loyal democratic spirits which the record of brave deeds and of death and carnage mention? What of Grant, of McClernand and Smith, and of Indiana Wallace, who led the divisions — who, in the aggregate, led five democrats to one republican — who led whole regiments of democrats, "Egyptian" democrats by thousands, scandal, abuse and traduction of whom the Journal's pages abound with, even when they were rallying to their country's call. Have these men, their friends, sympathisers and kindred at home, just now learned to be for the Union, when the former have struck the blow which has broken the back of treason! We could be afforded no higher satisfaction than to be present and hear the writer of that dastardly article reiterate his foul slanders in presence of any one, the most feeble, of those democrats of Donelson, who have just now learned what they risked their lives for on that bloody field! Dare the Illinois Journal name one democrat, many of whom, it says, "might be named," who gloried in rebel success, but who now glory because a democratic soldiery have been successful against rebellion?

No, this ebullition of black-hearted gall has been induced by the fact that Donelson and its glories brand, as miserable lies and false-hearted demagogism, the columns of aspersion which have been heaped upon the democracy of our state, who, while they are true to their country and flag, willing to risk life and fortune in their support, have despised and spat upon proposals for a corrupt alliance (under a hypocritical "Union" garb) with republican politicians, the measure of whose patriotism is official salary and the pecuniary profits which can be made out of the war.

The long roll of democratic heroes of Illinois, who are now receiving the plaudits of their countrymen, is a standing rebuke to such monstrous falsehoods as the Journal, from some cowardly abolition pen, spewed into its columns on Saturday. That roll is an imperishable refutation of such infamous slander, and eloquently appeals to the honest people of our state to crush out the sneaking vipers, who, to gratify partizan hate, and in the stupid hope of reaping partizan pelf, would dim the glories of our bravest and best, by charging that they but now are for their country!

While such infamous effusions can but excite every honest man's indignation and disgust, we are afforded this satisfaction — that those who hope to benefit thereby are but sowing the wind which will yield for themselves a whirlwind of popular condemnation. "Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad." If there is method in the madness of which we write, there will be method in the retribution — swift, unrelenting and inevitable.