The secession organ, of Saturday evening, tries to lash itself into a terrible excitement over a "cock and bull" story of its own coining, about a "Union League," which it says has been formed somewhere in this country. This is the first allusion to anything of the kind which we have seen or heard; and it seems not a little remarkable, that a paper which has been so tranquil in the face of the proved facts of the evidence of such an order as "Knight of the Golden Circle," and its traitorous designs; and which has been so calm and unmoved in the face of open attacks by rebels upon the Government and the Constitution, should be so alarmingly excited about a hypothetical organization which, if it had any existence in fact, judging from the name the Register gives to it, would be friendly, and not hostile to the Union. Has the word "Union," already such terrors for our neighbor, as that the mere suggestion in its own imagination of a "Union League," is calculated to throw it into such unaccountable alarm?

We suspect very much, that this "hue and cry," raised just at the present time, is "a fire in the rear," having for its object to divert attention from the operations of the treasonable "Knights of the Golden Circle," which the Register seems to have taken under its especial protection and patronage. It frantically exclaims: "Democrats, perfect your patriotic, noble organization, in every town and precinct, as ever heretofore, in the light of open day." Taken, as the statements of that paper are usually to be taken, this means simply, "Knights of the Golden Circle," "members of Consolidated" or "Re-organized Democracy," perfect your treasonable, infamous organization, in every town and precinct, as ever heretofore, in secret and in darkness, plotting against the perpetuity of the Union and in aid of rebellion. This is just what the Register means.