Stand by the Old Republican Party.

At the late Presidential election Republican principles carried the Republican party into power. The good, and true and pure men of the country rallied beneath the Republican banner, and planted it triumphantly over the Capitol of the Union. Democracy, all covered with pro-slavery filth, black with treason and rotten with corruption, was hurled from power just in time to save the Government from overthrow, the country from ruin and republican liberty from extinction. The soul of Republicanism is FREEDOM. Its mission is to save free government from overthrow, preserve our broad domain from division, give larger liberty to mankind, and by crushing ERROR and supporting RIGHT to show the world how sublime a thing a free nation can become. The Republican party is young, pure, and faithful to the Constitution, the Government and all the great interests of the country and humanity. The salvation of America depends upon Republican success. If God in his providence ever traced one line more clearly than another, it is that which declares that America shall become a land of freedom. God has written this, and he who looks into the hearts of the people and gives attention to passing events can read it plainly. The Democratic party is not to be trusted. A party based upon slavery and that bows at every shrine of wrong and evil that votes may follow fawning, should be shunned by every man who values human liberty. — The Democratic party of to-day is without one honorable principle or ennobling idea. Its loyalty to the Government is a question in which doubt largely overbalances hope, while of its devotion to slavery and other evils, and of its opposition to reforms calculated to advance, elevate and ennoble mankind there is no doubt at all. It was a grand old party once, when, with Jefferson at its head, it stood up for freedom and for right. But it has fallen. It symbolizes a Christian, whose soul was once illuminated by the smile of GOD, but who now, fallen, rejoices in the approving grin of the Devil. No good can come out of it. The hope of the Nation is in Republican success. When civil war burst upon our land Democracy made office a basis for loyalty, and Republicanism, with its great heart glowing with the fires of patriotism, abandoned its organization and voted for any Democrat who could plainly pronounce the word "UNION." This was a patriotic, but an unwise move on our part. Now we call upon the Republican party to retrieve the error. Organize anew. In every county, town and neighborhood organize and unloose to the breeze that symbol of loyalty, freedom and progress, the Republican banner. Rally beneath it, and battle as of old for everything dear to freemen. Republicans be up and doing. Despotism is ever watchful for advantage. Democracy, so recently defeated, stained with treason and rotten with corruption, is not yet dead. It showed itself in our Convention, where individuals members, more outspoken than the organized leaders, called for a dictator over Illinois, thundered against the cause of education and common schools, opposed the adoption of a clause in our new Constitution that empowered the Legislature to legislate for the advancement of knowledge and virtue among the people, and it took the majority several days to pass a resolution expressing gratification over the Federal victory at Fort Henry. It betrays its existence in Washington, where the Democratic members of Congress, under the lead of that semi-traitor Vallandigham, unite in a call for a National Convention of the party that betrayed our country into the hands of the traitors of the South. Republicans, loyal men, lovers of your country and freedom, awake! organize, go to work and ensure success. We call upon the Republican Press of Illinois and of the whole country to unfurl the old Republican banner and to stir up our friends to organization and action. We must strengthen the hands of our noble, wise, patriotic, liberty-loving President, and give him the power to carry out his plans for the rescue of our country from the dangers that environ it. Rally, rally, friends of freedom and progress! organize, organize, and see to it that in the elections of June and November the Republican banner waves over the prostrate foe of freedom, progress, humanity and our country.