The Cairo Atheneum.

There was an excellent house last evening at the Atheneum to witness the first representation in this city of "Jocrisse, the Juggler," by Mr. Boniface and Miss Kate Newton. To say that it was well produced and well put upon the stage, would carry but a poor idea of the many excellences developed in the acting of the stars and the members of the stock company. Mr. Boniface excelled his former self. Miss Newton was as handsome and interesting as she could be — and she can be very handsome and very interesting when she likes — and the leading ladies and gentlemen of the stock lent a very efficient support. The dancing of the favorite M'lle Victoria was as graceful as usual. The "Dumb Girl of Genoa" was exceedingly well done. The drunken combat of Messrs. Boniface and Jones was truly heart-rending and button-bursting in its effects. In fact, the entire entertainment was one of the best of the present season.

To-night the grand old drama of "Rob Roy" is to be presented. Mr. Boniface as "Rob Roy," Miss Kate Newton as "Helen McGregor," Mr. Noyes as "Rashleigh," Miss Lannier as "Frances," Mr. Hann as "Bailie Nicol Jarvie," Lovell as the "Dougal creature," and Mason as "Galbraith." Mrs. Noyes, M'lle Victoria and Miss Mollie Howe are also in the cast.

The performance to conclude with the excellent farce — in which Mr. Boniface made such a "hit" on his first appearance — of "Cool as a Cucumber." Of course M'lle Victoria will dance between the plays.

On to-morrow night Miss Kate Newton will take her first benefit in Cairo. It should be a bumper.