Menard County Democracy.

The democracy of Menard held a rousing meeting at Petersburg on the 28th ult., at which they reiterated their devotion to the Union, and their unalterable loyalty to the constitution and laws of the country. Capt. Elijah Taylor presided, and James C. Tice was appointed secretary. The meeting was addressed by Hon. T. W. McNeely, Edward Laning, esq., and Capt. A. D. Wright.

The resolutions are lengthy and essentially the same as those of the Connecticut democracy. They deprecate the destruction of state government, and the absorption of power by the federal administration; avow their allegiance to the constitution and laws; deny that the Union can be preserved by coercive power, and that in case of conflict between the states and federal government, the appeal must not be to the sword, but to the people, represented in convention a favor a vigorous prosecution of peace, a cessation of hostilities, and national convention; arraign the administration for repeated violations of the constitution and outrages upon personal rights; declare their determination to defend freedom of the press and of vote, the right of trial by jury, and the right of the people to keep and bear arms; denounce the conscription act for its violation of state rights, and the enormous and unwarranted powers conferred upon the president; condemn the military arrest of Judge Constable as a high crime against the state of Illinois, and also the forcible rescue of Lieut. Dustin from the custody of the civil authorities; and declare that the president has perpetrated a fraud upon the soldiers, by enlisting them under pretence of waging a war for the restoration of the Union, and afterwards turning it into an abolition crusade.

The meeting was largely attended, and the resolutions adopted with entire unanimity. Little Menard always gives a good account of herself at election time.