Negro Heroism.

Our readers will remember the extraordinary stories which were scattered all over the country touching the valor of the negro soldiers who participated in the first assault upon Port Hudson. It was claimed that six hundred out of one thousand and men were killed, and the terrible blacks fought with their teeth when their muskets and arms failed them. All the abolitions papers took part in the chorus of praise for negroes; the poet Baker celebrated their deeds in verse; while Gen. Banks himself, in his dispatches, extolled the negro troops and said not a word in favor of the white. But the truth is out at last. The whole story was a falsehood from beginning to end, and was prepared beforehand to reconcile the north to the arming of the slaves. The New Orleans Era, Gen. Banks' personal organ, gives an official return of the losses during the whole siege in the negro regiments, from which it appears that

There were engaged in the siege of Port Hudson two regiments of colored troops, the 1st and the 3d, both together numbering 1,245 men. Of these 28 were killed, 123 wounded by gunshots, and 46 by falling trees making the total casualties 197. Many of the wounds were light from which the sufferers have since recovered.

And so ends the romance of negro valor at Port Hudson. And after a while we shall hear the truth about the grand exploits of the 54th Massachusetts at Fort Wagner — not, however, through official dispatches.