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Table of Contents

Koerner, Gustave; McCormack, Thomas J., ed. Memoirs of Gustave Koerner, 1809-1896, Life-Sketches Written at the Suggestion of His Children, Volume 1 . Cedar Rapids, IA: The Torch Press, 1909. [format: book], [genre: memoir]. Permission: Northern Illinois University
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Editorial Prefatory Note.

Chapter I. Birth, Parentage and Early Recollections. A Childhood Recollection. My Naming. Napoleon in Frankfort. A Family Incident of the Napoleonic Campaign of 1813. The Bavarians in Frankfort (1813). The Allied Monarchs and Their Armies in Frankfort. Family Connections with Famous German Patriots. Anniversary of the Battle of Leipsic. The Year 1815. Bluecher.

Chapter II. School Life. At the Musterschule. My Reading. Home Life in Frankfort. Religious Training. Family Portraits. At College. Henry Hoffmann and "Struwwelpeter." Early Poetical Efforts. Von Leonhardi.

Chapter III. School Life Continued. Early Travels. The Political Situation and the Greek War of Independence. Athletic Sports. Early Professional Plans. Social Life. The Thilenius Family. Attractions of Frankfort. Early Travels. Business Reverses, and Art Matters. Early Travels Continued. Last Days in Frankfort.

Chapter IV. University-Life — Jena. To Jena by Stage-Coach. Student Life in Jena. The Burgkeller. The German Burschenschaft, and the Movement for National Unity. Altenburg. Student-Friends. A Trip to Southern Germany. Munich. Salzburg and the Tyrol. Back to Jena.

Chapter V. Last Year at Jena (1829-1830). Protestant Tricentennial. Trip Through the Hartz Mountains. Jena, Again. Visit to Leipsic. Berlin, and Northern Germany. Mecklenburg. Luebeck. Kiel. Schleswig and Hamburg. Political Disturbances of 1830. A Pistol Duel in Jena. Concluding Reflections on Jena.

Chapter VI. Munich. From Jena to Erlangen. Life and Studies in Munich. Munich Celebrities. The Munich Emeute of Christmas Eve, 1830. Arrest and Imprisonment. Life in a Munich Prison. Release. Salzburg and the Bavarian Tyrol. Duels in Munich. Farewell to Munich. Homeward Bound. The Saubian Alp.

Chapter VII. Heidelberg. The Heidelberg Bubschenschaft. Heidelberg Acquaintances. Refugee Poles in Germany. Hecker. A Heidelberg Duel. Imsbach and the Engelmann Family.

Chapter VIII. The Hambach Festival. Wirth and the Press Unions. The Hambacher Schloss Festival. The Speeches. Concluding Meetings, and Results.

Chapter IX. Before the Storm. First German Law Suit. Political Events. Associates in Frankfort. Before the Storm. Revolutionary Propaganda. The Situation in Cassel. Dr. Sylvester Jordan. In Goettingen. Liberalism in Saxony. Affairs in Jena. Fritz Reuter. The Cause in Bavaria.

Chapter X. The Third of April, 1833. Plans of the Revolutionists. Conference with Schueler in Metz. The Beginning. Official Report of the Frankfurter Attentat. Koseritz and the Wuertemberg Rising. Further Ramifications of the Plot. Pro Domo Sua. The Outcome and the Flight. Refuge in France.

Chapter XI. In France. Paris. The Havre Emigrants.

Chapter XII. From Havre to St. Louis. A Transatlantic Voyage in 1833. New York in 1833. Up the Hudson. From Albany to Buffalo in a Canal-Boat. From Cleveland to the Ohio Via the Canal.

Chapter XIII. Early German Settlements in Illinois. The Outlook. Seeking a Home in Illinois. St. Louis in 1833. On a Farm in Illinois. Looking Forward. Deer-Hunting. German Emigration Societies. Early Neighbors.

Chapter XIV. First Year in America. Foot-Tour Through Missouri in 1833. Early Foreign Settlements in Missouri. Home Again in Illinois. Studies and Journalistic Labors. Polish Visitors. An Illinois Court, and Politics. Local and Family Reminiscences. A Methodist Camp-Meeting. Departure for Kentucky.

Chapter XV. Studying Law in Lexington. A Visit to Henry Clay. Professional and Social Life in Lexington. Church-Going Experiences. Friends in Lexington. A Debating Club. An Incident of the River-Trip Home.

Chapter XVI. Beginning the Practice of the Law (1835-1836). Accessions to the German Settlement. An Examination at the Illinois Bar, in 1835. First Law-Case. European Politics in 1835. Political Situation in the United States. William Lloyd Garrison. New Arrivals. Practice of Law. Kaskaskia. The Family in Germany. A Trip to Chicago in 1836. Journalistic Activity. Marriage. A Fourth of July Celebration. The "Westland." The Public Library in Belleville. James Shields.

Chapter XVII. Early Illinois Politics. Further Accessions to the German Settlement. Pro-German Conventions. Lyman Trumbull. Legal Labors. Family and Other Affairs. The Financial Situation. Domestic Matters. Tippecanoe and Tyler Too.

Chapter XVIII. The Years 1841-1843. Sent as an Electoral Messenger to Washington. In the Capital. To Belleville Via Philadelphia. Personal and Local Incidents. Elected to the Illinois Legislature. The Old Lutherans and Bishop Stephan. A Visit from Charles Dickens. Close of the Year 1842.

Chapter XIX. In the Legislature and on the Supreme Bench. The Illinois Legislature of 1842-43. A Fugitive Slave Law. Joseph Smith. Political and Personal. Presidential Election of 1844. Appointed to the Supreme Court. European Affairs. The Mexican War. Buena Vista.

Chapter XX. The Years 1847-1848. Judge Caton. European Conditions in 1847.

Chapter XXI. The Revolutions of 1848. The German Parliament of 1848. Plans of Returning to Germany. The New Illinois Constitution. The Presidential Election of 1848.

Chapter XXII. The Years 1849-50. Hecker. The Revolution in Baden. American Sympathy with the European Revolutionists. Shields Elected United States Senator. The Cholera of 1849. Shields and Hecker. European Political Exiles. German Political Reformers in America. Admission of California. New Arrivals in Belleville. High School at Belleville.

Chapter XXIII. The Year 1851. Political and Business Activity. The German Reformers Again. The Cuban Expedition. Jefferson Barracks. Kinkel and Schurz. Kossuth's Oratory.

Chapter XXIV. Named for Lieutenant-Governor (1852). Kossuth in St. Louis. The Nomination. Don Morrison. Death of Clay.

Chapter XXV. Running for Lieutenant-Governor (1852). Campaigning with Douglas. Politics in Chicago in 1852. Cavassing the Rest of the State. The Election.

Chapter XXVI. The Lieutenant-Governorship (1853-1856). Personal. Legislative Session of 1854. Visit of the Legislature to Chicago. Visit of the Legislature to St. Louis. Loss of the City of Glasgow. Douglas and the Kansas-Nebraska Bill. Robert Hilgard and Henry Villard. The Prohibition Agitation. Trumbull Elected Senator. Emerson. Theodore Koerner's Death.


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