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Table of Contents

Dickson, Moses. Manual of the International Order of the Twelve of Knights and Daughters of Tabor, Containing General Laws, Regulations, Ceremonies, Drill and a Taborian Lexicon . St. Louis: A. R. Fleming and Co., 1891. [format: book], [genre: report; proceedings]. Permission: Public domain
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Pictures and Illustrations


Biographical Sketch of the Founder.

Extract from the I. C. G. M.'s Message.

Secrecy of the Knights of Liberty.

Mary Elizabeth Dickson.

The Manual Law.

International Constitution. Introduction. Article I. Article II. Article III. — Powers and Authority. Article IV. — Official Titles. Article V. Article VI. — Perpetuation. Article VII. — Duties of International Grand Officers. Article VIII. — International Deputies. Article IX. — Revenue. Article X. — Pay-Roll of International Officers. Article XI. — International Board of Grand Curators. Article XII. — Bonds. Article XIII. Article XIV. — Duties of Committees. Article XV. — Business Rules. Article XVI — Powers and Prerogatives of the I. C. G. M. Article XVII. — Impeachment. Article XVIII. — Amendments.

Continuation of General Laws. Article I. Article II. — Grand Temples and Tabernacles. Article III. — Power and Authority. Article IV. — Appeals. Article V. — Annual Sermons. Article VI. Installing Ceremony of International Grand Officers. Introduction. Obligation — Prayer. Instructions to the International Chief Grand Preceptress. International Vice-Grand Mentor, and International Vice-Grand Preceptress. International Chief Grand Scribe and International Chief Grand Recorder. International Chief Grand Treasurer. International Grand Queen Mother. International Chief Grand Orator and International Chief Grand Priestess. International Grand Inner Sentinel. International Grand Drill-Master. International Grand Color Bearer. International Chief Grand Sentinel. International Chief Grand Guards. International Chief Grand Judges. Inernational Chief Grand Tribunes, Closing Ceremony — Oration. Article VII. — Grand Temple and Tabernacle Officers. Article VIII. — Duties of Grand Officers. Chief Grand Preceptress. Vice-Grand Mentor. Vice-Grand Preceptress. Chief Grand Scribe. Chief Grand Recorder. Chief Grand Treasurer. Grand Queen Mother. Chief Grand Orator. Chief Grand Priestess. Grand Drill-Master. Grand Inner Sentinel. Grand Color Bearer. Chief Grand Sentinel. CHIEF GRAND GUARDS. Chief Grand Judges. Chief Grand Tribunes. Article IX. — Board of Grand Curators. Article X. — Trustees. Article XI. — Bonds. Article XII — Widows and Orphans. Article XIII. — Grand Temples and Tabernacles. Article XIV. — Membership of the Grand Temples and Tabernacles. Article XV. — Membership Vote. Article XVI. — Power, Strength and Perpetuity. Article XVII. — Amendments.

Installation Ceremony of the Grand Temple and Tabernacle Officer. Preparation. Oath. Prayer. Instructions. Proclamation. Charge to Grand Officers.

Officers of Subordinate Temples of Knights of Tabor.

Installation Ceremony of Temple Officers. Introduction — Public Installation — The March — Ladies' Tabernacle. The Ceremony. Instructions to the Charter and Chief Mentor. The Test. The Salute and Welcome. Instructions. Proclamation.

Burial Service of the Knights of Tabor. Form of Procession. General Instructions. The Funeral Service of Sir Knights at the Church. Introduction. First Part. Prayer.

Officers of The Ladies' Tabernacle.

Installation Ceremony of Tabernacle Officers. Introduction. Public or Private Installation. The Ceremony. Instructions.

Funeral Ceremonies of The Daughters of The Tabernacle. Introduction. Directions. Prayer. Exhortation. Prayer.

Palatium of The Royal House of Media.

Installing Ceremony of The Officers of The Palatium. Introduction. The March. Ceremony. Prayer by Prince Clericus. Instructions.

Burial Ceremony of The Palatine Guards. Instructions. Ceremony in The Church. Prayer.

General Laws Governing Tents of Maids and Pages of Honor. Instructions. Article I. — Regalia. Article II. Article III. Article IV. Article V. Article VI. — Tent Treasurer. Officers of The Tent General Regualtions.

Funeral Ceremonies of Tents of Maids and Pages of Honor. Instructions. The Funeral Dress. The March. Ceremony at The Church. Invocation. Closing of The Church Service.

Ceremony of Laying Corner-Stone. Introduction. Prayer.

Dedication Ceremony of Knights and Daughters of Tabor Halls. Introduction. Instructions. The Ceremony. Prayer. Lesson.

Sword Tactics and Drill of The Uniform Rank Knights, and Palatine Guards. Command — Position. To Form The Lines. Marching Drill. To Form Three Divisions. To Form Four Divisions. Notice. Sword Exercise.

Javelin Exercises and Drill of The Taborian Cadets. Introduction. Inspection.

General Rules for The Government of the Business of The International Order of Twelve.

Grand Honors.

Rules of Business Governing The Triennial Grand Sessions.

Form of Report from Grand Temples and Tabernacles to the Triennial Grand Session.

Report From International Districts to The Triennial Grand Session.

Synopsis of Official Forms, Used by The International Order of Twelve. 777 — International Order of Twelve — 333. Petition. 333 — International Order of Twelve — 333. Petition. International Order of Twelve. Petition. 777 — International Order of Twelve — 333. Grand Temple and Tabernacle Transfer. 777 — International Order of Twelve — 999. Transfer. International Order of Twelve. R. M. — Transfer. — P. M. 333 — International Order of Twelve — 333. Transfer. International Order of Twelve. Transfer. 777 — International Order of Twelve — 333. Traveling Certificate. 777 — International Order of Twelve. — 333. Traveling Certificate. Quarterly Report — Form 1. Quarterly Report — Form 2. The Quarterly Pass. Regular Session.

International Order of Twelve of Knights and Daughters of Tabor. Motto. Work and Business of Members. Rights. A Recommendation. The Degrees. International Districts. Duties. Grand Dues — District Sessions — Time. Dress. Form of Tabernacle and Temple Houses. Furniture. Altar. Governing Departments. Sickness. District Grand Mentors. Supplies. Incorporation. Real Estate. Number of Trustees — Election — Stocks and Shares — Incorporation. Palatium Regalia — Undress Uniform — Regalia of Princess of Media. Undress Regalia of Princess of Media — Temple — Plateau — Chief Preceptress .

Taborian Lexicon. Abbreviations. Titles. A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J. K. L. M. N. O. P. Q. R. S. T. U. V. W. X. Y. Z.

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