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Table of Contents

Yeakle, M. M. The City of Saint Louis of To-day: Its Progress and Prospects. Truth in Homely Words and Facts in Faithful Figures . St. Louis: J. Osmun Yeakle and Co, 1889. [format: book], [genre: history; narrative; report]. Permission: St. Louis Mercantile Library
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Pictures and Illustrations.

Action of the Board of Directors of the St. Louis Real Estate Exchange in Relation to this Treatise.

To the Reader.


Part First. Chapter I — The City of St. Louis of To-Day. A Sketch of its Founding, Rise and Progress. Chapter II. — St. Louis has Taken Rank Amongst all its Peers — The Most Modern and Most Progressive. Chapter III. — The Central Site of St. Louis: Assuring its Pre-Eminence in the "Great Valley" Forever! Chapter IV. — Saint Louis, A Great and Growing Centre of Production, Conversion and Exchange. Chapter V. — Inexhaustible Deposits of Bituminous Coal and Iron Ores Within Easy Reach of St. Louis. Chapter VI. — St. Louis: An American City. Chapter VII. — Saint Louis' Able and Active Men. The Noble Women of St. Louis.

Part Second. Chapter I. — The Municipality: Its Government. Elective Officers. Chapter II. — The Bonded Debt, and Financial Statement for the Year Ending April 9, 1888. Chapter III. — Board of Public Improvements. Chapter IV. — Water Supply. Chapter V. — Saint Louis: The Latitude, Temperature, Rain-Fall, Topography, Health. Chapter VI. — The Street Railways. Chapter VII. — The Buildings of the Municipality, Buildings of the United States.

Part Third. Chapter I. — The Population of St. Louis. Chapter II. — The Saint Louis Real Estate Exchange Association. Chapter III. — Review of the Property Interests of St. Louis in Recent Years. Chapter IV. — St. Louis' Real Estate. Chapter V. — Titles to Real Estate of the Original "Commons," and Other French and Spanish "Concessions." Chapter VI. — The Early Commons of St. Louis. Chapter VII. — The Old Business Section: Will be Revived.

Part Fourth. Chapter I. — St. Louis' Agricultural and Mechanical Association. Chapter II. — The Permanent Exposition and Music Hall Building: Its Grand Objects and Attainments. Chapter III. — Annual Street Illuminations; Their Magnificence. Parades; Coming of the Veiled Prophet and his Suite. Statues of Eminent Men Erected in Public Parks and Twelfth Street Place. Chapter IV. — The Public Parks, Squares, Gardens, and Boulevards of the City of Saint Louis. Chapter V. — Forest Park. Tower Grove Park. Botanical Gardens. Chapter VI. — Parks. Chapter VII. — The Merchants' Bridge Company. Terminal Railway Company, New Union Passenger Railway Depot.

Part Fifth. Chapter I. — The Educational Institutions of Saint Louis. The Public Free Schools Described. There Financial Position and Endowment. Private Educational Institutions Named. Chapter II. — Saint Louis University. Chapter III. — The Libraries of Saint Louis. Chapter IV. — Literature, Authorship and Art at St. Louis. Chapter V. — The Church Denominations and Church Buildings of Saint Louis. Chapter VI. — The Railways Entering St. Louis. Chapter VII. — St. Louis a Centre of Mining Capitalists. Sampling and Testing Works — In Mining and Metallurgy.

Part Sixth. Chapter I. — Commercial and Manufacturing Growth of St. Louis. Chapter II. — The Advantages of St. Louis as a Manufacturing Site for Cotton and Woolen Textile Fabrics and Fine Pottery Wares, Paper, Etc. Chapter III. — The Mississippi River: Its Great and Lasting Value — In Connection With an Isthmus Route to the West Coasts of North and South America, and Eastern Asia. Chapter IV. — Trade Between Saint Louis and Spanish America by Steamship. Chapter V. — A Description of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. The Delta of the Mississippi. Chapter VI. — The Great Steel Bridge Spanning the Mississippi at Saint Louis. Chapter VII. — The Present Prospects and Future of East End Improved Property.

Part Seventh. Chapter I. — The Merchants' Exchange of St. Louis: Officers. Its Decoration. Chapter II. — The Saint Louis Cotton Exchange Chapter III. — Mechanics' Exchange, St. Louis. Officers. Chapter IV. — The Banking Institutions. Chapter V. — Grain and Flour. Chapter VI. — The St. Louis Wool Market. Chapter VII. — The Business Tonnage in Leading Articles, Receipts and Shipments to and From St. Louis for the Years 1887 and 1888. Conclusion.

Appendix. The Actual Sums of the Annual Assessment of Taxes on Real and Personal Property. The Western Commerical Travelers' Association of St. Louis. Its Membership, Etc. "St. Louis, a Seaport!" Direct Line of Steamers Between St. Louis and Buenos Ayres. Water Communication Between the Mississippi Valley and Spanish America, a Necessity! Views of Alexander Vox Humboldt, Upon an Isthmus Route. New National Bank. A Humanitarian Project. Mollanphy, an "Emergency" Hospital.


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