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Letter from the Provincial Congress of New-York to the Continental Congress. They are very largely in advance on the general concern for Moneys paid to Troops, and also for Provisions, etc., and request a remittance from the Congress. [1775-10-20] New-York, Congress. [S4-V3-p1118] [Document Details][Complete Volume]

New-York Congress to Continental Congress

Page v3:1118


[Read October 25, 1775.]

In Provincial Congress, New-York, October 20, 1775.

SIR: Over and above the necessary expenditures, by reason of the different services recommended to us, we are in advance to the general concern for moneys paid to the troops, and also for provisions and other necessaries forwarded by the order of the Continental Generals, and tents furnished to the troops under the command of General Wooster and Colonel Hinman, and many other expenditures; which several articles, in the departments of the Paymasters and Commissaries, amount in the whole to a very considerable proportion of the moneys sent us by your body. We have now not above five thousand Dollars remaining, and are continually called upon for cash, on several occasions interesting to the service. We beg, therefore, that you will forward us money by the first opportunity, the necessity of which we doubt not will be immediately perceived.

We shall, as soon as possible, lay before the Commissaries, Paymasters, &c., our accounts, and send duplicates to the Congress, in order to check the drafts which they may make; and in the interim, pray your advice whether these gentlemen are to replace unto us the moneys advanced in their department.

We are, Sir, with great respect, your most obedient and humble servants. By order:


To the Honourable John Hancock, President of the Continental Congress.

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