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Signers of the Association in Ulster County. [1775-06-05] New-York Freeholders and Freemen; New-York, Marbletown Committee; Pawling, Levi. [S4-V3-p0585] [Document Details][Complete Volume]

Signers in Marbletown, Ulster County, June, 1775

Page v3:585


Solomon Terwilgen,
Philip Hardenbergh,
Th' s Schoonmaker, Jr.,
Johannes Keator,
William McGinnis,
Jeronomus Rappleye,
Johannes Bogart,
Ab' m Hardenbergh,
Caspar Basemer,
John Conner,
John Jack,
Richard Okerly,
Samuel Frame,
John Cushmicham,
Benoni Moulks,
Frederick Davis,
Arie Jack,
John Batty,
Hen. Pawling,
Sil. Vandermerken,
Dirck Slaughter,
James Murduch,
Wilhelmus Roosa,
Fred' k Schoonmaker,
Nathan Smedes,
William Orr,
Thomas Klourwater,
William Krum,
William Benson,
John Van Luven,
Gysbert Krum,
Gysbert Van Leuven,
Abraham Klourwater,
Isaac Davis,
Johannes Smith,
Hendrick Rosa,
Abraham Cantine,
James Peresarmis,
Abraham Constable,
Jacob DeLametter,
Dirck Schepmoos,
William Orr,
Edward Lunsberry,
Isaas Robison,
Ths. Vandemerke, Jr.,
Alexander Ennis,
Jacob S. Freer,
Hendrick Smith,
Benjamin Akerly,
Jumas Roosa,
Isaac Smith,
Jacobus Davis,
John Constable,
Samuel Gibson,
Richard Lounsberry,
Abr' m Constable, Jun.,
Samuel Mowris,
Johannes F. Keator,
Thomas Sammons,
John Shaw,
Michael Lines,
Cornelius Gammons,
William Tects, Jun.,
James Phenix,
Abraham Helm,
William Johnson,
Petrus Oosterhoudt,
John Ennest,
Henry Daorin,
Garton Nottingham,
Hendrick Brink,
Petrus Van Luven,
Daniel Mowris,
Jacob De Witt,
Frederick Keaton,
Step' n Nottingham, Jr.,
Jacob G. Louns,
Jacob Keaton, Jun.,
William Cantine,
Abraham Roosa,
Melgert Keaton,
Matthew Keaton,
Aldert Sinedes,
Benjamin Louns, Jun.,
Samuel Mowris, Jun.,
Abraham Keator,
Jacobus Rosekrans,
George Middagh,
George Middagh, Jun.
, John C. De Witt,
Samuel Keaton,
Jos. Hasbrouck, Jun.,
Cornelius Keaton,
Benjamin Keaton,
Jonas Smith,
Jacob Snyder,
Coenradt Du Bois,
J. Vandemerke, Jun.,
Nicholas Kyser,
Abraham Johnson,
J. VanWagenen, Jun.,
Cornelius Brink,
Hendrick G. Krom,
Sol. Van Wagenen,
Andries Roosa,

Page v3:586

John G. Krom,
Simon Van Wagenen,
Jan Krom,
Petrus Krom,
Johan Bartlewolk,
Jacob Roosa,
Samuel Davies, Jun.,
Severyn Hasbrouck,
Benjamin Davies,
John J. Crispell,
Peter McDowall,
Jacobus Morris,
Henry Mowris,
Lens Brodhead,
Jacob J. Keaton,
Garret Newkerk,
Martinus Oosterhoudt,
Egbert Brink,
Samuel Dodge,
Joseph Blaawater,
David Atkins,
William Pattison,
Andries Tier,
John J. Krom,
John Conway,
Benjamin Krom, Jun.,
Wilhelmus Bush,
Peter Misner,
Thos.Vandemerke, Jr.,
William Ennest,
Jacobus H. Bush,
Peter Van Wagenen,
Johannes Roose,
Frederick Merkle,
Harm. Oosterhoudt,
Daniel Johnson,
David Vandermerke,
John Hasbrouck,
Robert Brink,
Jacob Chambers,
Sol. Vandemerke,
Isaac C. Daviss,
Thomas Chambers,
John Vandemerke,
Cornelius Krom,
Joseph Chambers,
Mart. Middagh,
Jacob J. Hasbrouck,
Wilhelmus Keaton,
Andries Davies,
John Davies,
Johannes H. Krom,
Jacob Rapelye,
John De Witt,
William H. Krom,
Isaac Charter,
Hendrick Bush, Jun.,
Samuel Brodhead,
Caspar Charter,
Peter Johnson,
James Stilwell,
Frederick Charter,
William Nottingham,
Richard Oliver,
Derrick Chambers,
Moses Diamond,
Samuel North,
Jacobus Connor,
Peter Mowris,
Levi Pawling,
Robert Betties,
Martin Bogard,
Jacob Haasbrouck,
John Betties,
Benjamin Keaton,
William Peck,
William Dunlap,
Simon Van Wagenen,
Benjamin Peters,
Nathaniel Web,
Gideon Keaton,
Cornel' s E.Wynkoop,
John Slouter,
John Keaton,
Andries J. De Witt,
Peter Smith,
Thomas Keaton,
Thos. Schoonmaker,
Peter Smith, Jun.,
William Keaton,
Cornelius Sluyter,
Cornelius Ennest,
John Keaton, Jun.,
Peter Sammons,
Thomas Darcy,
Petrus Keaton,
Samuel Mowris,
Casparus Mancius,
Nicholas Keaton,
Art. Van Wagenen,
Charles Adams,
Hendrick B. Krom,
Stephen Nottingham,
Edward Talbott,
Hendrick W. Krom,
Jesaias Robbison,
Jacobus Rosa,
Daniel Brodhead,
Cornelius Tack, Jun.,
John Rapelye,
Christopher Snyder,
Abraham Cantine,
Matthew Newkerk,
Michael Teets,
Alexander Munro,
Abraham Middagh,
Petrus Davies,
Andrew Oliver,
Gysbert Rosa,
Johannes Sluyter,
John Cantine,
Johan. Van Wagenen,
Hendrick Kyser,
Jacob D. Lametter,
John Stokes,
Joseph Keyser,
David Bevier,
Johannes G. Rosa,
William Bray,
F. Schoonmaker, Jun.,
Dirck Bush,
Cornelius Keyser,
Charles W. Brodhead,
Frederick Wood,
William Sluyter,
Edward Lounsberry,
Thomas Wood,
Richard Stokes,
Jacob J. Hasbrouck,
Johannes Middagh,
Cornelius Camer,
Ephraim Chambers,
Thomas Camer,
Dirck Krom,
Isaac Hasbrouck, Jr.,
Cornelius Bogart,
John Roosa,
Cornelius Brink,
Hendrick P. Ostrout,
Jacob Seeley,
John Brodhead,
James Robinson,
Daniel Van Luven,
Rocliff Eltinge,
Leonard Hardenbergh,
Jacob Klaarwater,
Cornelius Stilwell,
Jacobus B. Hasbrouck,
Isaac Klaarwater,
Moses M. Cantine,
Michael Pattison,
Daniel Klaarwater,
Philip B. Bevier,
Johannes Keator, Jun.,
Frederick Bush,
James McKemson,
John Van Vliet,
Hendricus Crispell,
Nathaniel Cantine,
James Van Wagenen,
Frederick Klaarwater,
Gerard. Hardenbergh,
Edward Dewawl,
John Smith,
Matthew Cantine,
Frederick Kontraman,
Jacob Kyser,
Adam Hoffman,
Mat. Kontraman,
William Hardy,
Alexander McGinnis,
Andries Kontraman,
Thomas Johnson,
Corn' s Vandermerken,
Ellas Kontraman,
Johannes Van Luven.

In pursuance of a Resolve of the Provincial Congress of the Colony of New-York, dated 29th day of May, 1775, we, the Committee of the Township of Marbletown, in the County of Ulster, do hereby certify that the above List or Roll contains all the persons' names who have signed the General Association within the Township of Marbletown, and also William Wood, on the back hereof, who refuses signing the same; all which, with humble submission, we herewith return to the Provincial Congress aforesaid.


Marbletown, June 5, 1775.

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Signers of the Association in Ulster County. [1775-06-05] New-York Freeholders and Freemen; New-York, Marbletown Committee; Pawling, Levi. [S4-V3-p0585] [Document Details][Complete Volume]

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