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Letter from General Heath to General Washington. Account of burning the Light-House in the Harbour of Boston. [1775-07-21] Heath, William, General. [S4-V2-p1737] [Document Details][Complete Volume]

General Heath to General Washington

Page v2:1737


Camp at Roxbury, July 21, 1775.

SIR: I have the pleasure to inform your Excellency that Major Vose, of my own Regiment, besides securing the barley on Nantasket, yesterday morning landed on the Light-House Island with six or seven boats; the Light-House was set on fire and the wood-work burnt. The party brought off three casks of oil, all the furniture of the Light-House, about fifty pounds of gunpowder, a quantity of cordage, &c., an inventory of which will be forwarded to your Excellency. Some of the brave men who effected this with their lives in their hands, have just now applied to me, to know whether it was to be considered as plunder or otherwise. I was not able to determine this matter, but told them that I would lay the matter before your Excellency. I would beg leave to add, that these brave men were, some of them, at Grape-Island, Deer-Island, and at Long-Island, when each of those islands were stripped of their stock, &c.

I have the honour to be your Excellency' s most obedient and very humble servant,


To his Excellency General Washington.

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