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Proceedings of the Committee at Dagsberry, Delaware, on the charges against Thomas Robinson, of counteracting the measures of the Continental Congress. [1775-07-18] Delaware, Dagsberry Committee of Correspondence. [S4-V2-p1682] [Document Details][Complete Volume]

Sussex County (Delaware) Committee

Page v2:1682


Dagsberry, July 18, 1775.

To the Publick.

Notwithstanding the many rumours and intimations that have been frequently spread, that Thomas Robinson, esq., of Sussex on Delaware, was counteracting the wise, prudent, and manly measures recommended by the honourable Continental Congress, to put a stop to the calamities of America, and, if possible, avert Ministerial vengeance, which, like a torrent with increasing violence, is rushing down on our heads, yet the Committee, out of tenderness to his character, (as no vouchers appeared,) considered those vague reports as not worthy their notice, and therefore declined making inquiry into them. But Mr. Robinson, weakly imagining that this tenderness and lenity proceeded from fear, began to vaunt and exult, and with an effrontery ever the companion of ignorance, proceeded more openly and boldly to stamp his vile and slavish Ministerial principles upon the weak and unwary, over too many of whom, in the forests of Sussex and Maryland, by means of his office and store, he has indeed top much influence.

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