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Address to General Lee. [1775-07-01] Massachusetts, Provincial Congress. [S4-V2-p1473] [Document Details][Complete Volume]

Address to General Lee

Page v2:1473

"To the Honourable CHARLES LEE, esq., Major-General of the Continental Army:

"SIR: The Congress of the Massachusetts Colony, possessed of the fullest evidence of your attachment to the rights of mankind, and regard to the distresses, which America in general, and this Colony in particular, are involved, by the impolitick, wicked, and tyrannick system, adopted by Administration, and pursued with relentless and savage fury, do with pleasure embrace this opportunity to express the great satisfaction and gratitude they feel on your appointment as a Major-General in the American Army. We sincerely congratulate you on your safe arrival here, and wish you all possible happiness and success in the execution of so important a trust.

"We admire and respect the character of a man who, disregarding the allurements of profit and distinction his merit might procure, engages in the cause of mankind, in defence of the injured, and relief of the oppressed. From your character, from your great abilities and military experience, united with those of the Commander-in-Chief under the smiles of Providence, we flatter ourselves with the prospect of discipline and order, success and victory.

"Be assured, Sir, that it will give us great pleasure to be able to contribute to your happiness. May the favours

Page v2:1474

and blessings of Heaven attend you. May Divine Providence guard and protect you, conduct you in the paths of honour and virtue, grant you the reward of the brave and virtuous here, the applauses of mankind, and the approbation of your own conscience, and eternal happiness hereafter."

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