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Account of Waiter Hyer for services done as cooper. [1776-09-14] [S5-V2-p0725] [Document Details][Complete Volume]

Account of Waiter Hyer for services done as cooper

Page v2:725

Major Schenck produced to the Convention an account of Walter Hyer for services done as a Cooper, in securing and preserving a quantity of Oil, said to belong to the Continent, and now in store Fishkill landing; which is as follows, viz:

The State of NEW-YORK, to WALTER HYER, DR.

September 14, 1776, To trimming 36 Tierces of Spermaceti

Oil, the property of Continental Congress, on board of the Sloop Captain Cook, £2 12 0

Ordered, That Peter Van Brugh Livingston, Esq., pay the above Account to Henry Schenck, Esq., for the use of Walter Hyer, and charge the same to account of the Continent.

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