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Resolve respecting Elections for the present year. [1776-09-25] [S5-V2-p0049] [Document Details][Complete Volume]

Resolve respecting Elections for the present year

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Thursday, September 26, 1776, A. M.

The Convention met pursuant to adjournment.

The Committee appointed to draw up the resolve respecting the Elections for the present year, reported a draft for that purpose; which, being read and amended, was agreed to in the following words :

In Convention for the State of PENNSYLVANIA.

Whereas it is not convenient to hold the next election throughout this State for choosing the elective officers thereof, on the day on which it will be most convenient to the people to hold their elections for the future; and this Convention being desirous that the freemen of this State may, as soon as possible, enjoy the advantages of a free and established Government: It is therefore

Resolved, That the next election of Representatives in General Assembly, and of all other elective officers heretofore usually chosen on the first day of October, shall be held for the City of Philadelphia, and for the County of Philadelphia, and for every other County of this State, on Tuesday, the fifth day of November next; and, except in the Counties of Bedford, Northumberland, and Westmoreland, at the places where the elections for Representatives in this Convention were held. The election for Inspectors is to be held in the City of Philadelphia, and in each of the Counties of this State, on Saturday, the second day of November next. The Judges of the said elections shall be chosen and appointed by the Inspectors on the day of election; and shall be subject to the like forfeitures and penalties for fraud or wilful neglect as the Sheriff would have been in the like case by the late laws of this State. The Constables of the wards in the City of Philadelphia, and of the Townships of the several Counties of this State, shall give six days' notice of the election for Inspectors. The Judges, or one or more of them, shall, within two days following the election, meet at the Court-House of the respective Counties in which elections shall be held in Districts, and returns shall be made to them from the Districts, of the names of the candidates, and number of votes for each: And the Judges shall cast up the votes, and shall certify those who are highest in votes, to be duly elected to the respective offices: And the elections shall, in all other matters, be held and carried on, as nearly as may be, according to the directions of an act of Assembly of the late Government of Pennsylvania, made in the year one thousand seven hundred and sixty-six, intituled, "An Act directing the choice of Inspectors, and for holding the general elections in this Province:" And in case any Township or Townships neglect to choose an Inspector or Inspectors, the other Inspectors and the Judges present at the election, shall appoint an Inspector or Inspectors for such Township or Townships.

The freemen of the County of Bedford shall vote in four Districts for this present year, as follows, viz:

The freemen of the First District, containing the Townships of Bedford, Colerain, and Cumberland Valley, at the Court-House in the Town of Bedford; of the Second, containing the Townships of Bethel, Air, and Dublin, at the house of John Burd, at Fort Lyttleton; of the Third, containing the Townships of Barre, Hopewell, and Frankstown, at Standing-Stone; and of the Fourth, containing the Townships of Brothers Valley, Turkeyfoot, and Quemachoning, at the house of John Kemberlin, near the junction of the said three Townships.

The County of Northumberland shall be divided into four Districts, to wit: the freemen of Augusta, Penns, and Mahoney Townships, shall meet at the Town of Sunbury;of Turbutt, Mahoning, and Wioming, shall meet at the Town of Northumberland; of Buffaloe, White Deer, and Potter, shall meet at Foutz' s Mill, in Buffaloe Township; and of Munsey and Bald Eagle, shall meet at the house of Amariah Sutton, in Munsey Township.

The electors of the County of Westmoreland shall hold their election in manner following, that is to say: the electors on the north side of Kiskemenetas and Cannemach, shall hold their election at Captain Samuel Morehead' s Mill; the Second District shall be bounded by the Laurel Hill, Cannemach, the Chestnut Ridge, and Youghagany, and shall hold their election at Ligonier; the other electors in the said County, not comprehended in the foregoing Districts, shall hold their elections at the two places directed by the

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conference of Committees for electing Members of this Convention.

Every elector, before his vote is received, shall take the following Oath or Affirmation, instead of that heretofore required, viz: "I , do swear, (or affirm,) that I will be faithful and true to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; and that I will not, directly or indirectly, do any act or thing prejudicial or injurious to the Constitution or Government thereof, as established by the Convention."

And the Judges and Inspectors of the said elections shall, besides the oaths prescribed in the law directing the choice of Inspectors above-mentioned, take the oath of allegiance above recited. And

Resolved, That the said General Assembly, chosen in consequence of the foregoing resolves, shall meet at Philadelpllia, on Tuesday, the nineteenth day of November next,

Adjourned to three o' clock in the afternoon.

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Resolve respecting Elections for the present year. [1776-09-25] [S5-V2-p0049] [Document Details][Complete Volume]

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