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General Orders, from June 27 to June 30. [1776-06-27] [S4-V6-p1148] [Document Details][Complete Volume]

General Orders, from June 27 to June 30

Page v6:1148

Head-Quarters, New-York, June 27, 1776.

(Parole, Halifax.) (Countersign, Ireland.)

Several persons having been detained by Sentries, notwithstanding their having given the countersign at night, and others in the day time on the wharves, on a pretence of their not having passes, the General forbids such practices; and any Soldier convicted of them in future will be punished. Officers of Guards to be careful, in posting their Sentries, to make them acquainted with this Order.

After Orders. — Thomas Hickey, belonging to the General' s Guard, having been convicted by a General Court-Martial whereof Colonel Parsons was the President, of the crimes of "sedition and mutiny, and also of holding a treacherous correspondence with the enemy, for the most horrid and detestable purposes," is sentenced to suffer death. The General approves the sentence, and orders that he be hanged to-morrow at eleven o' clock.

All the Officers and men off duty belonging to General Heath' s, Spencer' s, Lord Stirling' s, and General Scott' s Brigades, to be under arms on their respective parades, at ten o' clock to-morrow morning, to march from thence to the ground between General Spencer' s and Lord Stirling' s encampment, to attend the execution of the above sentence. The Provost-Marshal immediately to make the necessary preparations, and to attend on that duty to-morrow.

After Orders. — Each of the Brigade-Majors to furnish the Provost-Marshal with twenty men from each Brigade, with good Arms and Bayonets, as a guard on the prisoner to and at the place of execution.

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