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June 29 Brig Nancy. [1776-06-29] [S4-V6-p1131] [Document Details][Complete Volume]

June 29 Brig Nancy

Page v6:1131

Philadelphia, June 29, 1776.

The brig Nancy, Captain Montgomery, of six three-pounders and eleven men, from St. Croix and St. Thomas for this port, with three hundred and eighty-six barrels of gunpowder, fifty fire-locks, one hundred and one hogsheads of rum, and sixty-two hogsheads of sugar, &c., on board, in

Page v6:1132

the morning of the 29th of June, when standing for Cape May, discovered six sail of men-of-war, tenders, &c., making towards him, as also a row-boat. The boat and tenders he soon after engaged and beat off, stood close along shore, and got assistance from Captain Wickes and Barry, when it was agreed to run the brig ashore, which was done; and, under favour of a fog, they saved two hundred and sixty-eight barrels of powder, fifty arms, and some dry-goods; when the fog clearing away, Captain Montgomery discovered the enemy' s ships very near him, and five boats coming to board the brig, on which he started a quantity of powder in the cabin, and fifty pounds in the mainsail, in the folds of which he put fire, and then quitted her. The men-of-war' s boats (some say two, some three) boarded the brig, and took possession of her with three cheers; soon after which the fire took the desired effect, and blew the pirates forty or fifty yards into the air, and much shattered one of their boats under her stern. Eleven dead bodies have since come on shore, with two gold-laced hats and a leg with a garter. From the great number of limbs floating and driven ashore, it is supposed thirty or forty of them were destroyed by the explosion. A number of people from on board our ships of war, and a number of the inhabitants of Cape May, mounted a gun on shore, with which they kept up a fire at the barges, which the men-of-war, &c., returned, and killed Mr. Wickes, Third Lieutenant of the Contineutal ship Reprisal, and wounded a boy in the thigh.

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June 29 Brig Nancy. [1776-06-29] [S4-V6-p1131] [Document Details][Complete Volume]

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