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Meeting of the Connecticut Committee of Safety. [1776-06-26] [S4-V6-p1086] [Document Details][Complete Volume]

Meeting of the Connecticut Committee of Safety

Page v6:1086


At a meeting of the Governour and Council of Safety, at Lebanon, Wednesday, June 26, A. D. 1776:

Present, his Honour the Governour, Eliphelet Dyar, Jabez Huntington, William Williams, Jedediah Elderkin, and Nathaniel Wales, Esquires.

Convened by his Honour' s order, to advise and assist him about filling up and supplying many vacancies in the new-ordered Regiment which have fallen, &c.

Dr. Skinner came P. M. with a letter from Captain Harding, &c., and by order drew on the Pay-Table for a customary allowance for his going express from Hartford to Boston, and returning via Lebanon.

Many things to do and consider about; many Officers, &c., and sundry supplies, &c., not entered here, as they belong to the Governour, &c.

Adjourned until to-morrow morning.

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