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Signers in Gilmanton. [1776-08-28] [S4-V5-p0885] [Document Details][Complete Volume]

Signers in Gilmanton

Page v5:885


Joseph Badger,
Joseph Badger, Jr.,
Peaslee Badger,
William Smith,
Jacob Kelly,
Ebenezer Eastman,
Daniel Fulsom,
John Moody,
Paul Bickford,
Ezekiel Hoit,
Jacob Sleeper,
John Hains,
Joshua Gilman,
Benjamin Peckins,
Israel Karrar,
Benjamin James,
Jonathan James,
John Parsons,
Noah D. Dow,
Samuel Greeley,
Joseph Huchins, Jr.,
Joseph Huchins,
David Fifield,
Samuel Fifield,
William Libbey,
John Gilman,
Isaac Smith,
George Dennet,
Thomas Fanoeny,
David Bean,
Peter Gilman,
Joshua Gilman,
Samuel Gilman,
Stephen Beau,
Ephraim Morrill, Jr.,
James Hockings,
Jonathan Folsom,
Robert Moulton,
Matthias Sawyer,
Daniel Slovens,
Robert Glidden,
Nathaniel Kimball,
Andrew Page,
Simon Clough,
Andrew Gliden,
Samuel Willseen,
Samuel Avery,
Jasper Elkins,
Elisha Odlin,
Samuel Ladd,
Benj. W. Dean,
Thomas Taylor,
David Elkins,
Sammersbee Gilman,
David Clough,
Edward Gilman,
Nathaniel Elkins,
Daniel Avery,
Edward Smith,
Ambrose Hinds,
John Samborn,
Nathaniel Webster,
Edward Fox,
Abner Clough,
John Jeffery,
Elisha Weed,
Matthew Weeks,
Thomas Chattle,
Ephraim Morrill,
Jon. Gilmaw, 3d,
Joseph Parson,
William Parsons,
Wm. Parsons, Jun.,
Samuel B. Rand,
Ebenezer Paige,
Jeremy Cogswell,
Nathaniel Wilson,
Jere. Richardson,
Isaac Balchelder,
Winthrop Gilman,
Dudly Young,
Dudly Hutchings,
Jon, Gilman, Jun.,
Jotham Gilman,
Jesse Longe,
Samuel Osgood,
John Worth,
Solomon Kinnison,
Ebenezer Sleivers,
Eliphelei Gilman,
John Melchir,
Elisha Hutchinson,
Abiathar Sanborn,
Lowel Sanborn,
Jonathan Ross,
Samuel Clough,
Jonathan Clark,
Benjamin Weeks,
Daniel Dudley,
Stephen Dudley,
John Dudley,
Benjamin Dow,
Jeremiah Connor,
Antipas Gilman,
Benjamin Gilman,
Samuel Brooks,
Nehemiah Longe,
Abner Evens,
Daniel Evens,
Jonathan Hutchinson,
Trede Bean,
John Mash,
Henry Mash,
Josiah Avery,
Joseph Osgood.

Pursuant to the orders of the Committee of Safety, we have applied to the inhabitants of Gilmanton to sign the Association Paper, and those named in the list herewith committed are those that refuse to sign it.

EDWARD SMITH, Selectmen of Gilmanton.
JOHN SAMBORN, Selectmen of Gilmanton.

Gilmanton, August 28, 1776.

Page v5:886

Samuel Avery,
John Smith,
Daniel Clough,
John Fox,
Reuben Allen,
Thomas Mudget,
Noah Weeks,
Samuel Weeks,
Nat. Webster, Jun.,
Simeon Mndget,
Gideon Bean,
Joshua Bean,
Gilman Lovejoy,
Philip Pain,
Joseph Merrill,
David Edgerley,
Oilman Lovejoy Jr.
, Orlando Weed,
Jonathan Gilman,
John Sheperd,
Amos Paine,
Isaiah Clough,
Edward Lock,
Abraham Folsom,
George Weymonth,
Charles Currier,
Scribner Mudget,
Jonathan Dow,
Joseph Avery,
Hosea Hatch,
Joseph Clifford,
Jonathan Batchelder,
Simeon Bean,
Joseph Young,
Enoch Bean.

The several persons above-named refuse signing the Association Paper.

EDWARD SMITH, Selectmen of gilmanton.
JOHN SAMBORN, Selectmen of gilmanton.

Gilmanton, August 28, 1776.

To the Honourable the Council and Assembly, or the Committee of Safety, for the Colony of NEW-HAMPSHIRE:

Whereas the Selectmen of the Town of Gilmanton have applied to us to sign an Association Paper, and there being some scruples on our minds, we cannot conscientiously sign it, and beg leave to assign our reasons; which are as follows, viz: We agree and consent to the Declaration of Independence on the British Crown, and are willing to pay our proportion to the support of the United Colonies; but, as to defend with arms, it is against our religious principles, and pray we may be excused. All which is most humbly submitted, by your Honours' most obedient humble servants,

John Fox,
Samuel Weeks,
Orlando Weed,
Peter Smith,
Daniel Clough,
Nat. Webster, Jun., Jonathan Dow,
Hosea Hatch,
Charley Currier,
Samuel Avery,
Simeon Mudget,
Scribner Mudget,
Joseph Morrill,
Gilman Longee,
Noah Weeks,
Gilman Longee, Jr.,
Joseph Clifford,
Jonathan Batchelder,
Simeon Bean,
Joseph Young,
Reuben Allen.

Gilmantown, August 20, 1776.

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Signers in Gilmanton. [1776-08-28] [S4-V5-p0885] [Document Details][Complete Volume]

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