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Letter from Captain Andrew Beall to the Maryland Council of Safety. [1776-02-29] Beall, Andrew. [S4-V4-p1534] [Document Details][Complete Volume]

Andrew Beall to Maryland Council of Safety

Page v4:1534


Bladensburgh, February 29, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: The reason I have not waited on your Honours for a commission as a Field-Officer, is, that there has been so much clamour about the appointment of Field-Officers, that I did not choose to accept of a commission unless I was agreeable to the people, for which purpose I have done myself the pleasure of waiting upon several companies, to take their sentiments on the matter, and

Page v4:1535

have met with their general approbation. Therefore, if your Honours think proper to promote me as a Field-Officer, please do me the favour to send a commission by Captain Lucas, who will satisfy your Honours that I am the oldest person in commission, except Colonel Joshua Beall, of the Twenty-Fifth Battalion, and that I have, heretofore, exerted myself in the cause of liberty as much as any one in the Province, and you may rely upon an exertion of my utmost abilities, in future, to support the cause, whatever my station may be.

You will please to defer issuing commissions to my company till I come up, which will be within a fortnight from this time, when I shall return recommendations for officers agreeable to the company.

Confiding in your doing me justice respecting this application, I remain, with the greatest regard, gentlemen, your Honours' most obedient, humble servant,

To the Honourable the Council of Safely of Maryland.

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