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Letter from Captain Gunby to Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer. [1776-02-29] Gunby, John, Captain. [S4-V4-p1534] [Document Details][Complete Volume]

John Gunby to Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer

Page v4:1534


Princess-Anne, Somerset County, February 29, 1776.

SIR: Mr. Forrest, my First Lieutenant, waits on your Board for instructions with respect to several matters relating to my company.

In obedience to your instructions, communicated to me by Mr. Scott, I have provided houses for my company, and rugs and blankets for as many of them as I could. I have, also, provided them with fuel, and such utensils as judged absolutely necessary for dressing their provisions, all which things I have purchased out of my own and my officers' money, as the two hundred pounds ordered me from the Eastern-Shore Treasury was not more than sufficient to pay the advance money, directed by the Convention to be advanced with soldiers and non-commissioned officers. The subsistence money has also been advanced to the several recruits as it was necessary.

If it is not going further than your Board may think themselves justifiable in, I would submit it, whether it would not he expedient, in order to save the trouble of frequent applications to the Council and expenses to the Treasury, to advance to the several Captains of Independent Companies such a sum of money as may provide their respective companies in such articles as are to be provided by the Captains, and, also, to pay up the arrearages of subsistence money; each Captain to render his account, with proper vouchers, for the money by him expended for the use of his company. If the Board think this ought to be done, I should be glad to receive, by Mr. Forrest, your order on Mr. Hindman, for such sum as you may judge necessary for the purpose.

I am, also, to request of the Council that they will take such order as they think proper for furnishing the company with muskets, drum, and fife, as they are at present absolutely unable to exercise for want of arms.

The Committee have fixed the station of the company at Princess-Anne, the County town for this County, where I have been able to provide for them very sufficient cover at reasonable rates. I am exceedingly anxious to have the company provided with arms as soon as may be, as most of them are entirely without, and it is impossible to do any thing with them (though many of them are very raw) until furnished with arms, and, from their situation, it is not improbable but they may be pretty soon called into action.

I am, sir, with respect, your most obedient servant,

To the Honourable Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer.

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Letter from Captain Gunby to Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer. [1776-02-29] Gunby, John, Captain. [S4-V4-p1534] [Document Details][Complete Volume]

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