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Letter from Thomas W. Waldron to the New-Hampshire Committee of Safety. [1776-01-15] Waldron, Thomas Westbrook. [S4-V4-p0685] [Document Details][Complete Volume]

Letter from Thomas W. Waldron to the New-Hampshire Committee of Safety

Page v4:685


Dover, January 15, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: While my heart gratefully glows with thankfulness, on the distinguished mark of respect shown me by your vote of the 6th instant, handed hither by Ichabod Rollins, Esq., the evening of the same day, I beg leave to acquaint you, that I have been little able to leave home for three winters successively. That accepting the honourable, arduous, and intense duty, proposed, without a prospect of attending thereto, (which I have not,) would be but to prevent the appointment of a suitable person to assist in the now critical councils of the Colony, and that an address giving notice of my inability, and imploring your excuse, would have been forwarded last week, had not one of your honourable body consented to convey it there.

Please to forgive my saying, that to prevent the effects of late unconstitutional measures, many Colonies appointed

Page v4:686

Congresses, as their General Assemblies were subject to the adjournments, prorogations, and dissolutions of Governours, &c., and that while Congresses, as such, managed the momentous affair, the friends of America in England, and elsewhere, approved the exertions, and we may reasonably hope will continue still so to do as it seems to me.

But as the fertile field before me begins to raise ideas too important for my steril pen to marshal, I take leave, with only adding, that I wish you Divine direction, and am, with great truth and sincerity, honourable sirs, your respectful, and most obliged, humble servant,


To the New-Hampshire Committee of Safety.

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