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About This Site

Illinois Historical Digitization Projects

Prairie Fire presents primary documents shedding light the interaction between Europeans and Native Americans, as well as interpretive materials telling the story of the Illinois Country and the Old Northwest in the years before the removal of Illinois' Native Americans.
Getting the Message Out! National Political Campaign Materials, 1840-1860 presents an examination of national popular political culture in antebellum America. It includes histories of the presidential campaigns from 1840-1860, as well as primary source material, such as campaign biographies and campaign songbooks. Recordings of some of the songs are also available.
Illinois During the Civil War presents primary source material illuminating society and politics in wartime Illinois. Although no battles took place in Illinois, the state's residents still shaped the Civil War's course and felt its effects. The site includes letters, diaries, and reminiscences of Union soldiers, as well as other materials from the home front.
During the Gilded Age, Americans faced enormous social and economic upheaval. No place embodied the struggle more than Illinois. Illinois during Gilded Age presents primary source materials which shed light on major themes in this period's society, politics and culture.

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