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TUNE --- "Marseilles Hymn."
Song performed by: Chad Sheridan (vocals) and Tara Dirst (banjo). Recording engineer: Matt Dotson.

Rise! Rise! Ye Freemen --- once 'twas glory
For man t' oppose a Tyrant's power,
And who resisted, lived in story;
O seize, then, seize the present hour!
Say, shall we slumber, while around us
Oppression's galling chains are cast?
Say, will they lighter hang at last,
To call them gold when they have bound us?

No, no! no, no! then rise
For our forefathers' laws;
March on, march on! Resolved to win
Our favorite Hero's cause.

Will flatt'ring tales of coming pleasures,
When plenteousness and peace shall reign,
And all be rich in glittering treasures,
The poor man's present wishes gain?
Will it stay the tide of desolation,
That sweeps so strongly o'er our land,
To gorge an office-holding band,
And rob the pockets of the nation?

No, no, etc.

O, Freemen, up! Let widely flowing
Your banners to the breeze be thrown,
Your love of worth and valor showing;
Your scorn for tyrant knaves make known!
Shall men believe the voices telling
In Syren tones, your ship of state
Is safe, when all around, dark fate
Frowns out in ev'ry wave that's swelling?

No, no, etc.

That Statesman-Chief who led undaunted,
And cheered in strife his warlike band ---
Whose praise a grateful Nation chanuted ---
Who tills, a farmer bold, his land,
Shall we neglect for one, who scorning
Our rights, the People's cause;
Who dares to trample on our laws,
Nor list they prayers, their threats, nor warning?

No, no, etc.

Da Capo Chorus.
Then rise, rise all for one.
Who ev'ry suffrage claims;
Huzza for him! A loud huzza!
Who conquered at the Thames.