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The Lincoln Flag

Songs performed by: Valerie Gordon, Michael Pokorny, Spencer Savoie, and Mark Travis.
AIR--"Yankee Doodle."

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1. UNROLL the Lincoln flag, my boys,
Where freemen's sons are speeding,
And wave it, while a rag, my boys,
Remains where Freedom's bleeding.

Cho.--Our hearts are true as steel, my boys,
And every man's a brother;
While we have hearts to feel, my boys,
Our hands will help each other.

2. Up with the tapering mast, my boys,
As high as any steeple;
Then make our banner fast, my boys,
The standard of the people.--Chorus.

3. Free labor and free speech, my boys,
And LINCOLN for our leader,
And a free press to teach, my boys,
America, God speed her!--Chorus.