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Up, Up and Be Stirring!

Songs performed by: Valerie Gordon, Michael Pokorny, Spencer Savoie, and Mark Travis.
Words by B.

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1. Up, up, and be stirring! there's work to be done;...
There's a foe to be fought, and a field to be won;
The field is our country, the foe is the bane
Of our freedom -- his symbol, the red lash and chain.

So up, up, and be stirring!
Fight -- die, if we must;
Honest Lincoln's our watchword,
And God is our trust.

2. Up, up, and be stirring! sow life thick with deeds,..
That shall spring up in beauty, like blossoms from seeds;
Drive the foe from our border, and forge from his chain
A.... sickle to reap the ripe crops on the plain.
Chorus -- So up, up, &c.

3. Up, up, and be stirring! and canvass the state;
Blow trumpets, wave banners, the foe at the gate
Would trample our altars and rights in the dust;
Honest Lincoln's our watchword, and God is our trust.
Chorus -- So up, up, and be stirring, &c.

4. Up, up, and be stirring! the prairie flames vast
Sweep over the west like a sirocco blast,
When the smoke of the battle is lifted again --
Our hero will march to the White House to reign.
Chorus -- So up, up, and be stirring, &c.