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AIR.--Old English Gentleman.
Song performed by: Dean Potter (vocals) and Tara Dirst (banjo). Recording engineer: Matt Dotson.

1. I'll sing you a bran-new song, made by aYankee pate,
Of two well known old gentlemen, with each a good estate,
Who are piling up the agony at a most alarming rate,
Each hoping to be President of these United States;
These two well-known old gentlemen, both of the olden time.

2. There's Jemmy, old, and wealthy, forty years in public life,
Yet he's famed for nothing but the fact he never took a wife;
He wants to let slaveholders rule, preventing thus all strife,
And they must rule in Kansas, tho' 'tis by cord, and knife--
This peaceable old gentleman won't do for the present time.

3. Who votes for him votes to extend, a curse o'er Freedom's soil;
Votes working-men shall never have a recompense for toil;
Ten cents a day for white men, and for niggers nothing at all;
A civil and a foreign war to haste this country's fall--
Too dangerous an old gentleman for us of the present time.

Then Fillmore, late a Whig, and now American, I know,
Because he's been to Europe, and, in Courts he wasn't slow;
In the South he is for Slavery, in the North he isn't so,
If you ask if Kansas isn't wronged, he says he doesn't know--
Too cautious an old, gentleman for us of the present time.
He dare not say that slavery's right, nor yet that it is wrong ;
In the north be hates the Pope, and in the south he goes him strong;
Says if he isn't elected the Union won't last long,
And if Fremout rules, by Freemen's Choice, 'twill be surely very wrong--
This fanciful old gentleman won't do for the present time.
But now a different name I'll sing, one from the people sprung,
Whose fame is spread thro' all the world, altho' he still is young,
Who first to Rocky Mountain breeze the star-gemmed banner flung,
And on California's gold-strewed plains the song of freedom sung--
Fremont's the man for President, the man for the present time.

He's not an Abolitionist, nor Federalist, that's clear,
But he's a true Republican, without reproach or fear,
Who by the Constitution chart will wise and firmly steer,
And keep our Union firm and strong, however parties veer--
FREMONT'S the man for President, the man for the present time.