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TUNE -- 'Sparkling and bright.'
Song performed by: Leslie Beukelman (vocals) and Tara Dirst (banjo). Recording engineer: Matt Dotson.

Fairer than light, to the human sight,
Is the freedom God has given;
And every man, in tribe or clan,
Receives this boon from heaven.

CHORUS--"O then renounce all claim at once,
To every sister, brother;
There's nothing so base in the human race,
As enslaving one another.

Loathsome as death, is slavery's breath,
To every human creature;
They shun its blight, they hate its sight,
In every form and feature.
O then renounce, &c.

Fearful as hell, the fatal spell,
That slavery spreads around those,
Who loiter at all in the man-thief's hall,
Or cease to remember the slave's woes.
O then renounce, &c.

Wide as the land its bold command,
For all to pay it allegiance;
And few indeed abjure the deed,
Or refuse to bow in obedience.
O then renounce, &c.

The democrat kneels, and the whig too yields,
To slavery as their master;
And then unite against the right
To crush our liberties faster.
O then renounce, &c.

The church it claims to sanction its chains,
And the priest at the altar serving;
And a godless crew its pleasure do,
In spite of the true and deserving.
O then renounce, &c.

The learned and great in church and state,
Have made with hell an alliance,
And think to find in all a mind
To yield a ready compliance.
O then renounce- &c.

But it will not hold the compact bold,
Though church and state pledge together;
For true souls feel the cruel steel
That pierces the heart of a brother.
O then renounce, &c.

In God we trust, the true and just,
Who ne'er will forsake the needy;
To him we'll pray by night and day,
To send them deliverance speedy.
O then renounce, &c.

On to the charge, free hearts and large,
In truth's bright armor shining;
In God's great might, we'll strike for the right,
And deliver the bond-slave pining.
O then renounce, &c.