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The Last Year of Matty.

Tune: "The Last Rose of Summer."
Song performed by: Chad Sheridan (vocals) and Tara Dirst (banjo). Recording engineer: Matt Dotson.

'Tis the last year for Matty
To rule us alone,
All his "voting" companions
Are "going" or "gone;"
Connecticut has left him, --
And Rhode Island too --
Virginia rejects him,
And thus the State go!

We'll soon send thee, thou false one,
To Kinderhook back,
Since all statesman-like virtues
We find thee to lack,
There go then, to sorrow,
And mourn o'er your fate,
While we give the Old Soldier
The helm of the State.

Then, when he has led us
To victory on,
And from the base "spoilers"
Our country has won --
Manufactures he'll nourish --
The Farmer shall thrive --
Trades and Labourers flourish,
And Commerce revive.