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Jessie Fremont

TUNE -- Jessie, the Flower of Dumblane.
Song performed by: Chad Sheridan (vocals) and Tara Dirst (banjo). Recording engineer: Matt Dotson.

The sun-burst has dawned over all the glad mountains,
While freedom and glory rise up hand in hand,
To meet our young chieftain from Liberty's fountains,
With Jessie, sweet Jessie, the flower o' the land!

How blithe is the summons o'er all the wide nation!
How swells the bold music that marshals our band!
He comes like a hero to fill the proud station,
With Jessie, sweet Jessie, the flower o' the land!

She's wise and she's prudent; she's good as she's bonnie;
For Virtue and Freedom she takes a brave stand;
For the Chieftain's White Mansion she's better than onie;
So give her "God speed!" there, the flower o' the land.

Let honest hearts greet her, and victory meet her;
You'll never repent it, -- so join hand in hand,
Till firm with our leader in rapture we seat her, --
Our noble young Jessie, the flower o' the land!