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The Hero Of Fort Meigs

Song performed by: Chad Sheridan, Jason Schreiber (vocals) and Tara Dirst (banjo). Recording engineer: Matt Dotson.

The Hero of Fort Meigs
(By J.H. Watts, ESQ.)
Air--"Auld Lang Syne."

THE Hero of Fort Meigs, my boys
Shall be our song to-night,
Renowned in peace, and famed in war---
He never lost a fight.
From many a blood red field and fort,
He's made the Tories fly,
He'll renovate the Kitchen-court,
And make Van Buren sigh!

He'll get the People's honest votes--
The people can't be bought,
With Loco-foco Treasury Notes---
No, no, they can't be caught!

The hero of Fort Meigs, my boys,
Is now the people's choice,
He's sure of every Freeman's vote,
He's cheered by every voice!

He'll stop Tom Benton's ragged "Ball,"
And spoil his Post Note robe,
He'll beat the Loco-focos all,
And earthquake Kendall's "Globe."
The Hero of Fort Meigs, my boys,--
In days of "auld lang syne,"
He fought, and his heroic deeds,
On Fame's broad pages shine.

He'll save the country--hope revives,
Joy sparkles in each eye,
Hard cider sparkles on the board,
And "Harrison!" 's the cry.
The hero of Fort Meigs, my boys,
Through he'd no cotton bags
To fight behind, he met the foe,
And rent their British flags.

The Federals, who in Hartford's shades,
In grave Convention sat,
Burnt blue-lights and wore "black cockades,"
He'll lay the Federals flat.
The Hero of Fort Meigs, my boys,
Let's cheer him all around,
Like a proud barque he speeds along,
While Martin's "homeward bound."

Brave Harrison 's log-cabin home
Where freedom's banner waves,
Is nobler than the palace-dome,
That holds Van Buren's slaves.
The Hero of Fort Meigs, my boys,
H'll spike Van Buren's gun,
And make the spoilsmen walk, although
No doubt, they'd rather run.

And soon Van Buren wand'ring home,
To rest from all his toils,
Will sing aloud "Some Love to Roam,"
"But not without the spoils!"
The Hero of Fort Meigs, my boys,
He'll make Van Buren sigh,
He'll renovate the Kitchen-court,
And make the Tories FLY!