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Harry the Honest and True

Song performed by: Chad Sheridan, Jason Schreiber (vocals) and Tara Dirst (banjo). Recording engineer: Matt Dotson.

TUNE --- Rosin the Beau.

Ye gallant true Whigs of the army
That conquered for Tippecanoe,
Come with us, and join now the standard,
Of Harry, the honest and true;
Of Harry, the honest and true;
Who "fought in the ranks," as a soldier,
With us, for old Tippecanoe.

We have not, my friends, now to lead us,
Our former commander, 'tis true,
For death has been here and promoted
Our chieftain, brave Tippecanoe;
Our chieftain, brave Tippecanoe;
Our gallant old Tippecanoe;
He's left us to join the high army
Of those who are faithful and true.

Yet in the same cause we're united
We fight the same enemy too,
And have for our leader invited
The friend of old Tippecanoe;
The friend of old Tippecanoe;
Our honest old Tippecanoe;
He's left none behind him more worthy
Than Harry, gifted and true.

We know that he never will leave us,
To join with the enemy's crew;
We know he will never deceive us,
He ever was honest and true;
The Statesman, bold fearless and true;
Our harry, the honest and true;
The trusty and cherished supporter,
And friend of old Tippecanoe.

Our gallant old chief when he left us,
Bequeathed us a "Captain," thought true,
But the traitor has since joined the army,
That fought against Tippecanoe,
That fought against Tippecanoe,
Our noble old Tippecanoe:
But come, boys, we'll yet "head the Captain,"
With Harry, the dauntless and true.

The victory we gained once so nobly,
We've lost, and by treachery too,
But shall ever the soldiers despair, boys,
Who've fought with old Tippecanoe?
Who've fought with old Tippecanoe?
The gallant old Tippecanoe;
Pick your flints again --- look to your priming,
And --- fire! Boys, for Harry, the true.