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Hail to Lincoln

Song performed by: Jason Schreiber (vocals) and Tara Dirst (banjo). Recording engineer: Matt Dotson.

Air --- Hail Columbia.

Abraham Lincoln is our man,
Hail his name ye free born band.
We're bound to work in freedom's cause,
And when the strife and storm is done,
Enjoy the rights our fathers won
Let freedom ever be our boast,
Ever mindful what it cost.
Ever grateful for the prize,
Let its altar reach the skies.

Chorus, Firm, united let us be.
Rallying round our Liberty
As a band of brothers joined
Peace and safety we shall find.

Freemen, Patriots, rise once more,
Defend your rights from shore to shore.
Let no rude and treacherous hand
Invade the shrine where sacred lies
The people's rights, a well earned prize.
While offering peace, sincere and just.
In heaven we place our only trust,
That truth and justice may prevail,
And every scheme of bondage fail.

Firm &c.

Sound aloud the trump of fame,
Let it echo Lincoln's name
Through the world with loud applause.
Till every clime, to freedom dear,
Shall hear the sound with joyful ear.
He with skill and steady power,
Will guide us in the trying hour,
Then will all our troubles cease
In a happy time of peace.

Firm &c.

When bold Lincoln takes command,
We no more in fear shall stand.
The rock on which fierce storms may beat.
And armed with virture, firm and true,
Our hopes are fixed on heaven and you.
Then let us rise in proud array,
And onward cheer the happy day,
With steady mind we'll ever be,
Resolved on peace and Liberty.

Firm &c.