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Fremont and Dayton

Air: "Yankee Doodle."
Song performed by Joseph Trahey (vocals), Tara Dirst (banjo) and Matt Dotson (recorder).
Recording engineer: Matt Dotson.

HURRAH, my lads! throughout the land,
This canvass presidential,
by law and constitution planned,
Is very consequential.
The question of the candidatte
Is one there's no debate on;
We'll go it strong, we'll pile it great
For Fremont and for Dayton.


Fremont and Dayton -- they're the men;
We certainly shall need 'em,
To give our country peace again,
And save our birthright -- Freedom.

If you would like to know their creed,
And what there is that's in it,
I'll tell you, if you will but heed,
In less than half a minute.
Free territories, pulpits free
To preach free truths so great on;
Freedom, Free Speech, Free Schools, Free Press,
Free Men, Fremont and Dayton.

CHORUS. -- Fremont and Dayton, &c.

Fremont and Dayton -- they're the men
Who rise at Freedom's call, sir,
To "beard the lion in his den,
The Douglas in his hall," sir.
Old General Scott once ate his soup,
Which was a "hasty" plate on;
But now he'll go a hastier swoop
For Fremont and for Dayton,

CHORUS. -- Fremont and Dayton, &c.

If Mr. Marcy's pantaloons
Have any new-made rents, sir,
I guess Fremont will sew them up
For less than fifty cents, sir.
Say, did you feel those Cain-ish blows
Sumner that fell such weight on?
Well, there's a balm, for wounds like those,
In Fremont and in Dayton.

CHORUS. -- Fremont and Dayton, &c.

Old issues now we'll cast away,
A goblin is astride us;
An incubus is bearing sway,
And trying hard to ride us.

Perhaps, to close, you'd like a toast --
Then here you have a great 'un:
Long may they live to rule the roast,
Fremont the brave, and Dayton.

CHORUS. -- Fremont and Dayton, &c