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Song performed by: Jameela Huq (vocals) and Tara Dirst (piano). Recording engineer: Matt Dotson.

1. Way down upon the Wabash
Sich land was never known;
If Adam had passed over it
The soil he'd surely own;
He'd think it was the garden
He'd played in when a boy,
And straight pronounce it Eden,
In the State of El-a-noy.

2. 'Twas here the Queen of Sheba came,
With Solomon of old,
With an assload of spices,
Pomegranates and fine gold;
And when she saw this lovely land,
Her heart was filled with joy,
Straightway she said "I'd like to be A Queen in El-a-noy."

3. She's bounded by the Wabash,
The Ohio and the Lakes,
She's crawfish in the swampy lands,
The milksick and the shakes;
But these are slight diversions
And take not from the joy
Of living in this garden land,
The State of El-a-noy.

© 2005 Lincoln/Net