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We'll Conquer All Before Us

Song performed by Dean Potter, Kerry Ayres (vocals), and Tara Dirst (banjo). Recording engineer: Matt Dotson.

Sung by George Washington Dixon, at the tremendous War meeting, in New York.

TUNE --- "Dan Tucker."

The Mexicans are on our soil,
In war they wish us to embroil;
They've tried their best and worst to vex us,
By murdering our brave men in Texas.

We're on our way to Rio Grande,
On our way to Rio Grande,
On our way to Rio Grande,
And with arms they'll find us handy.

We are the boys who fear no noise,
We'll leave behind us all our joys,
To punish those half savage scamps,
Who've slain our brethern in their camps.


The God of War, the mighty Mars,
Has smiled up our stripes and stars;
And spite of any ugly rumours
We'll vanquish all the Montezumas!


We're on our way to Matamoras;
On our way to Matamoras,
On our way to Matamoras,
And we'll conquer all before us!