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Clay and Frelinghuysen

Song performed by: Dean Potter, Leslie Beukelman (vocals) and Tara Dirst (banjo). Recording engineer: Matt Dotson.


Written by J. Greiner of Dayton, Ohio, for the Philadelphia Clay Minstrels,
and sung by them, with unbounded applause, at the Great Ratification
Convention in Baltimore.

TUNE --- "Old Dan Tucker."

The skies are bright, our hearts are light,
Throughout our land the Whigs unite,
We'll set our songs to good old tunes,
For there is music in these "Coons!"
Hurrah! hurrah! the Nation's risin
For Harry Clay and Frelinghuysen.

The Locos' hearts are very sore,
Tho' very scarce in forty-four;
For they began to see with reason,
That this will be a great coon season.
Hurrah! hurrah! &c.

O! Frelinghuysen's a Jersey Blue,
A noble Whig and honest too,
And he will make New Jersey feel,
Whigs pay respect to her "Broad Seal."
Hurrah! hurrah! &c.

Now let the Locos speak in candor,
His fame e'en Kendall dare not slander,
And when we all get in the fight,
Lord how the Jersey Coons will bite.
Hurrah! hurrah! &c.

Oh! Polk and Dallas are men of doubt,
They cant poke in and must stay out,
And in November they will find,
Their party poking far behind.
Hurrah! hurrah! &c.

The coon now looks around with pride,
For who is here dare touch his hide,
And tho' the Locos think to cross him,
They'll find he's only playing possum.
Hurrah! hurrah! &c.

United heart and hand are we,
From Northern Lake to Southern sea,
From East to West the country's risin'
For Harry Clay and Frelinghuysen.
Hurrah! hurrah! &c.