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A Bumper Around Now My Hearties!

Song performed by: Chad Sheridan, Jason Schreiber (vocals) and Tara Dirst (banjo). Recording engineer: Matt Dotson.

Tune --- "Old Rosin the Bow."

A BUMPER around now, my hearties,
I'll sing you a song that is new;
I'll please, to the buttons, all parties,
And sing of Old Tippecanoe.

When first near the Thames' gentle waters,
My sword for my country I drew,
I fought for America's daughters,
Long-side of Old Tippecanoe.

Ere this too when dangers assail'd us,
And Indians their dread missiles threw,
His counsel and courage avail'd us;
We conquer'd at Tippecanoe.

Again and again fill your glasses,
Bid Martin Van Buren adieu;
We'll please ourselves and the lasses,
And vote for Old Tippecanoe.